My Fascination with the O.J. Simpson Trial

When FOX released the mini-series American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson, I have to admit I didn’t know a lot about what happened, apart from the fact that he was on trial for murdering his ex-wife and another man (at the time I didn’t even know his name) and the epic Bronco chase through Los Angeles. Granted, when all this went down, I was only 9 years old and what do 9-year-olds know about current events, really?

Hearing small details of the trial throughout the years of my childhood and young adult life often caused me to wonder how O.J. was able to get acquitted. Because we all know, even if it’s way deep down and some don’t want to admit it…O.J. got away with murder. How was the defense able to trick a whole jury? Was the acquittal all because of a technicality? These are questions I’ve had for years…

I am so grateful for FOX and the quality program they’ve released — even Marsha Clark and Chris Darden have said it was good so you know they hit the nail right on the head. The inner workings of the justice system fascinated me while I watched the “behind-the-scenes” look at what everyone had to go through in this “Trial of the Century.” I didn’t realize that all of this went down so soon after the Rodney King riots. This not only gave the defense something to latch on to, but it caused SO many mistakes by the investigation team. I also didn’t realize how much scrutiny the attorneys went through by being in the spotlight. Of course, it makes sense to me now since it happened so close to Hollywood…

The show opened Pandora’s Box for me… I am now so obsessed with the HOW and WHY of this trial that I searched on YouTube for the actual trial tapes and am watching each and every day that it was in session. I know I’m crazy, it’s literally 493 different videos, but I’m hooked! If anyone out there is as crazy as I am and wants to go through the trial themselves, here’s the link. It’s educated me on what happened even more than just watching the show. If you have the time and you didn’t watch it in real-time in the 90’s, I suggest you take a look.

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