Dominican Republic Beach Vacation – Day Two

I disappeared for a while. Technical difficulties are real!

But I’m back to tell you more about my adventures in the Caribbean.
The second day at the resort, we decided to take it slow. No outside adventures; all we did was stay by the pool and relax at the beach. We were still adjusting to the time change and were preparing to venture out the next day.

The view was spectacular.

The view from my beach lounger
The pool with the beach in the background

The only downside was the vendors who walk the beach with their wares, and there’s no way around them. As soon as you walk beyond the barrier from the resort, you’re bombarded by 3 or 4 different vendors asking you to buy something. But they’re very nice and just by telling them you’re not interested once, they’ll remember you and not bother you again.

The ocean was surprisingly warm. Coming from Southern California, I’m not used to warm sea water but it was very refeshing.

A word of warning: DO NOT wear sunglasses into the ocean and expect to come out still wearing them!! Cole and I both were victims of the Ocean Monster, whose specialty is stealing your sunglasses right off your face. Don’t let the brightness of the sun trick you into thinking you’ll keep them…. You will never win that battle.

The waves were not very violent (except for the 2 or 3 that came by and swept me away) and the water was pleasantly warm so we ended up spending hours in the ocean. The Caribbean seems a little saltier than the Pacific — as soon as we got out, we needed to rinse off, we felt so sticky.

I was proud of Cole; he didn’t burn at all the whole trip and I was nervous for him, he’s so pale.

Cole enjoying the sun (wearing his emergency pair of sunglasses)

Day Three will be a tour of Puerto Plata with a Dominican tour guide (my mom!).

Until tomorrow….hopefully.

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