Game Night with the Competition

This weekend is my brother’s birthday…Happy birthday, Paul!!

Me, my husband and my brother all work for different competing companies within the Aerospace Industry. Not a big deal, some of us just have to be careful what we say. We are all competitive in nature but even so, we can all still be friends and live under the same roof….it just makes for less chatter around the dinner table. Tonight, Paul invited a friend from work for game night and we got into a very heated game of Monopoly. By itself, Monopoly is a very tame game — to say the least — but get 2 financial analysts, a buyer, a machinist and a psychologist together and money, game pieces and houses start flying! The competition was tense and the negotiations became VERY imaginative. Bottles of liquor and household chores started getting wrapped up in the deals! Not a bad way to spend a rainy Saturday night!

I have to say, I’ve never played such a great game before. It was a great way to celebrate the Bro’s birthday. I think Game Night is going to have to become a staple in this household!

Hello World!

It was suggested to me that I start a blog in order to keep my writing machine well oiled when not working on my novel. So, today’s the day I become visible on the interwebs! It will, of course, just be the random ramblings of a 31-year-old’s mind…but hey, that’s better than nothing.